Does The Endomorph Diet Work in Weight Loss?

Does The Endomorph Diet Work in Weight Loss?

How Does Endomorph Diet Work in Weight Loss

In the 1940s, a psychologist called William H. Sheldon classified the human body based on visual features and shapes of the body. He used somatotypes to put all human bodies into three types; mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and endomorphs. His classification was met with great resistance and criticism. The real question is, does the endomorph diet work in weight loss? Consequently, the endomorph diet was born.

In this article, The weight loss doctors in Houston will discuss the Endomorph diet so that you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of an Endomorph diet and make a judgment.

Moreover, you will be able to group bodies according to morphology. Then, decide which diet is best for a particular body type. And the case in point here is the endomorphic diet. Also, Intermittent fasting may also help you lose weight.

What are Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs Somatotypes?

Describing a person’s body structure as fat, big, short, or thin can more often than not get a good response. Sheldon’s description was not of any exception. His somatotypes description of the human body was very unpopular and received heated negative debates.

The following is the way he categorized the human body;


He described these individuals as having long, thin, and lean bodies. They tend to have a very fast metabolism and hence are unable to put on weight or muscles.


They have a slow metabolism and hence are muscular, athletic, and they can gain or lose mass pretty easily at will.


Individuals in this somatotype have short, and fat stature. They have a very slow metabolism making it difficult to lose weight. Their body has a lot of fat in the lower abdominal body.

Since this post specifically targets endomorphic diets, we will look a bit more into their metabolism. They have a tendency of gaining more fat weight. This is considered unfavorable as it makes you have a potbelly.

Also, endomorphs have stunted muscle growth. Their fat deposition makes them produce more estrogen. An increase in estrogen reduces the circulation of testosterone in the blood. And, it is the testosterone that helps in building muscles. A decline in their levels does not allow your body to be muscular; rather, it leads to more fats production.

Therefore, it is crucial for endomorphs to carefully watch their consumption of carbs and animal fats.

Endomorph Diet

Endomorph diet is the diet type that is specifically tailored for individuals with endomorphic body types. Endomorphs tend to have high-fat content in their abdominal region. They have huge hips and big thighs. It is good to note that they are believed to have more fats and fewer muscles.

You are therefore right to have guessed that the endomorph diet is mostly keen on how to lose weight, especially fats in the body. And just like the paleo diet, it encourages diets that include low carbs and high fiber content.  Nuts are considered to be very high in fiber and low in fats.

Almond nuts contain high fiber

Recent research reveals that the use of amino acid supplements may prove advantageous when it comes to weight loss for endomorphs.

The Theory of the Endomorph Diet in the Body

An ideal endomorph diet consists of a nearly equal distribution of macronutrients – 30% good or bad carbs, 35% protein, and 35% fats. However, in carbohydrates, the diet emphasizes whole carbs as opposed to processed or refined ones. Carbs that have been refined such as cakes and soda are considered bad and discouraged by the diet.

The diet puts more stress on eating a lot of proteins and oils from seeds and nuts.

The major difference between the endomorph diet and the paleo diet is that the endomorph diet allows high fiber grains, legumes, and dairy products.

It is a personal decision to either choose or leave this type of dieting. Below is the main discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the endomorph diet.

Advantages of Endomorph Diet

Even an equal distribution of nutrients

The diet advocates for a diet that is 30% carbs, 35% protein, and 35% fats. This ensures that your body receives a fair dose of all macronutrients.

High Fiber Content Diet

Avocado is great for endomorphs

Foods such as avocado are encouraged for their high fiber content. Your digestive system cannot digest fiber contents, but ‘good bacteria’ along with the gut feed on the fiber. These bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with your body’s digestive system.

Legumes and Dairy Products Intake

Legumes such are beans and chickpeas have great nutrition value. Milk from dairy also is considered nutritious and both are accepted by the endomorph diet. Will Endomorph Diet work in Weight Loss when you constantly consume legumes? Yes.

Peas are very nutritious

This is very true because legumes have high fiber and low fat contents. The carbs they contain are good carbs and do not form fats.

Veggies and Whole Fruits

Veggies and fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins that help the body’s immune and defense mechanism. These are particularly important in keeping diseases at bay and fighting diseases too.

Disadvantages of The Endomorph Diet

Too General

Does endomorph diet work in weight loss is a question that is too general. Not every individual in the endomorph somatotype is on the journey to lose weight. Some bodies may also look endomorphic but have high muscles, which is ideal.

Lacks Real Scientific Research

Ideally, merely looking at your body’s structure then deciding on the diet is old school and has been overtaken by time. To understand your muscle to fat ratio, blood samples must be tested.

It Is a Stereotype and Lacks Individual Assessment

Dr. Sonpal says that the diet is shallow in assessment and does not look into a person’s genetics, goals, or pre-existing medical conditions. The diet is oversimplified and needs more research.

No Exercise

Nowhere in the endomorph diet does exercising routine feature. Therefore, your calorie intake will be more than your calorie burning. This leads to weight gain.


How the Endomorph Diet works in Weight Loss requires careful observation of your disposition of fats. Does the endomorphic diet work in weight loss? Yes. however, it puts too much weight on your type of body to come up with a diet plan. This diet attempts to distribute macronutrients evenly.

The advantages of an endomorph diet include consuming superfoods (whole fruits, legumes, and veggies). However, the disadvantages are lack of individual assessment, it does not include exercising, and lacks sufficient scientific research. You should work on a diet that fits your needs and goals rather than a diet that tries to redefine your body’s shape unscientifically.

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