We Understand Your Story is Different Than Anyone Else's. That's Why We Offer a Variety of Ways to Tell That Story.

In today's world, people absorb information visually more than any other method. That's why it's more important than ever before to immediately engage your audience. And there's no better way than video to do exactly that. To start the next chapter in your business’s marketing, simply select one of the options below, or contact us for a custom quote.

Doodle Videos

Doodle videos are mesmerizing — especially when they’re done right. And that’s what Sellamations gives you; a mesmerizing video, properly executed with the highest quality artwork, script, and voiceovers.

Custom Packages Available

Top Down Videos

Think of these as “Buzz Feed” style videos. These videos are filmed primarily from the TOP DOWN angle, and typically works best as a HOW TO video. These are ideal for social media engagement and sharing, as evidenced by this sample video we produced, which garnered more than 38m views online.

$3000 And Up

Product Demonstration Videos

If your business offers a specific product, then this is the video for you. These videos tend to be a little longer, and are created specifically to demonstrate your product in detail in an engaging, informative way, so that your leads understand your product and turn into loyal customers!

$5000 And Up

Brand Videos

Brand Showcase Videos are essentially premium commercials for your brand focusing on a product or several products. These videos range in length, but are super HD, high quality, sound effect heavy, and meant to drive the brand’s mission forward in a visual manner.  If you’re looking to ‘wow!’ your leads, this is the video for you.


Testimonial Videos

There are few marketing tools as powerful as word of mouth recommendations. That’s why testimonials are so effective. People trust people more than they trust a billboard. Testimonial video compilations are one of our most popular products because of how strong a message they convey. If you’ve got a loyal tribe, here’s where you showcase them!

$5000 And Up

Animated Videos

Flat animated videos are a fun, unconventional way to tell your story in a 2D format that puts a smile on anyone’s face. Perfect for younger audiences and family oriented businesses!

$5000 And Up

Custom Videos

Custom videos vary from corporate, short commercials, to any idea you can’t simply “fit into a box.” Tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life!

$4000 And Up

Customers are waiting to find you. Use video to tell your story and bring them into your family!