Okay, so how do we actually do it?

It’s pretty simple, really! Every good thing starts with a great idea, and our creatives are trained to zero in on what makes your brand good-- and more importantly, why.

the process

01 Consultation

Before anything else, we try our best to ensure that the results you get are exactly the ones you want. Through our accounts team, we’ll make sure our goals and messaging are aligned with you every step of the way.

02 Scripting

Once we’ve internalized the things you want to say, we then write to make things right. While we do have a bit of a playful streak, the scripting process is pretty methodical– accounting for clarity of messaging and lean pacing.

03 Storyboarding

With the script done, we’re now free to plot out a storyboard outlining the video’s major beats, and which approach best fits your messaging.

04 Recording

It all comes together in this stage. Our teams work together to animate your approved storyboard and combine it with your approved script. If you already have a voiceover recording of your script, great! We’ll combine it seamlessly with the animation to ensure that everything syncs up perfectly.

05 Revisions

Time to make sure everything meets your high standards! A watermarked version of the video will be sent to you for your approval. If there’s anything you’d like to change, this is the time.

Show it off!

Show it off!

Doodle videos stick in your head better than written text can. Plant those ideas today!